Friday, November 09, 2012

Please pray for Julie and the health of her baby

This morning, Julie's water broke at almost 19 weeks. There is not a lot of amniotic fluid left. Julie is home for the week on bedrest.

Julie lost her first child due to miscarriage. Julie and Chris, her husband were indeed in need of healing given this loss. They were overjoyed when they were blessed again with their second child who's life is in danger now.

Please pray for this child's survival. Many doctor's are giving them their "options"... Chris and Julie wish to trust in God that whatever He wills for this child will bring greater glory to Him.

Please join them in praying that, if it be God's perfect will and His mercy, that He would allow the amniotic fluid to be restored and that their baby would be saved and in good health. 

Please, I ask you to pray for this child and for Julie. Thank you so much, 
Thank you and may God Bless you,


*       *       *       *      *       *       *

Prayer to Saint Gerard Marjella

Dear Redemptorist Saint, model Priest and Religious, compassionate toward suffering Mothers, intercede for this expectant Mother. Let her not be selfish like those who are willing to put an end to the life they bear within themselves. Instead let her remain ever conscious that she is privileged to be the instrument through whom God brings another life into the world. Encourage her for the good of her child and the glory of the Lord of life. Amen.

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